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Inspired by #indiedevhour, #showoffhour is a semiweekly event (originating on the fediverse) where creators of all kinds gather around, share their work and discuss the arts! To join, just post your work or comment on others' tagged with #showoffhour. If you aren't on the fediverse yet, have a look at Mastodon. If you're a game developer and looking for an instance, mastodon.gamedev.place is a good place to check out!

#showoffhour is held two times every week; one in the middle of the week, and one during the weekend. For both of these events, there are actually two hours, 12 hours apart, so you can participate no matter your timezone!

#showoffhours (in GMT)

  • Wednesday, 00:00-01:00
  • Wednesday, 12:00-13:00
  • Saturday, 18:00-19:00
  • Sunday, 06:00-07:00